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Welcome to cool Ashok's web site
My name is Asokan but I am known to my friends as "Ashok". I am native of Mecheri but born and brought up in Mettur Dam. I have studied in Kongunadu Arts College, Coimbatore, Govt Arts College, Salem, Pachaiyappa's College, Madras sorry now it is called Chennai and Loyola College, Chennai (between 1975-1984) if anyone recognize me please respond. I would be really delighted to get any response from my old friends/classmates. I am a fun loving person like to make most in my life this world can offer. I am happily married (not sure oops...) with three daughters. I work for The London Gazette as an Assistant Editor. I am actively involved in the London Tamil Sangam as the President of the Sangam. I also work as TV presenter, anchoring two shows in CITV UK one of them is a live interactive call in chat show. 

I am not going to talk about how old I am and I leave it to your good guess(I'll try to be truthful!)

Ashok's another hobby

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Ashok in action with Artist Chinnijeyanth at London Tamil Sangam's Pongal Vizha celebration.

Ashok's favorite Quote:

Winners never quit
Quitters never win

Winners never quit
Quitters never win